Sunday, October 4, 2009

Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story

We recently watched Michael Moore's new Film, and we were pleased. We brought up some of the subjects disscussed in the movie such as Foreclosures, Lay offs, Bailouts, Democracy and the Dark Side of Capitalism. We have to say this is a well balanced movie, you'll cry, laugh, get angry, and leave with some hope for the future. He poses a very interesting solution to our economic woes, and one worth starting a discussion about. His solution....Real Democracy, Plain and Simple, and not just in Government, but in Workplaces, where employees have a say in their pay, where they are treated like human beings with rights and so on. Come on! How many of you felt like you were in a small scale dictatorship everyday you went to work? How many of you? We've felt that way and its not right. How many of you are losing your homes?! Millions have lost a place to call their own. Capitalism, is a system that seems to be working against itself as of late, a little Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde action is going on here. All in all Must See Film.

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  1. Is there more to this? I was just getting into it, LOL.

    Also, you asked for a review, so I posted one. Here is the link (and feel free to comment):

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