Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ban Bacon!

Rep. Alan Grayson from Florida (D) pointed out the contradictions of some Republicans recently. He called to our attention the disturbing fact that a large group of Americans are against everything President Obama does. I find it fascinating, that 'patriots','real Americans' would hope their President 'fail', and would show up to protests with disturbing images/effigies of the President. Not to mention during the campaign the racial cartoons and the infamous "Barack the Magic Negro" Song. I know it's a hard fact, but America is far from being "Post-Racial". So same of you say, "what about Democrats making fun of Bush and Palin?", If I recall correctly Bush's Skin Color wasn't an issue nor was Palin's, and I also think some of that went too far. We should be able to disagree with someone without demonizing them. What good reason does an American have to cheer at the loss of the Olympics being hosted in America? Some Americans have gone too far, this is not free speech, this is not patriotism. There is clearly a Racial undertone to all this. It is a fact that there is real diversity in the world, that people act and think differently according to their upbringing, but to demonize them for that is low. Taking the time to build meaningful relationships with the 'others' would prove they are much like ourselves, we would understand why they operate differently, and we would realize that small differences like skin color, don't matter in the bigger picture. So if you hate someones stance on things, rationally debate them, don't throw out degrading slurs, create bloody effigies, or burn their image. Gather your facts, build your argument, state your points clearly, and just be human!

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  1. It doesn't matter if you don't agree with Mr. Obama's policies - I know *I* don't - but these examples you give, it just shows how people can be so hurtful when they feel self-righteous. And it doesn't push the debate forward in any sort of positive direction. Thank you for this.